Automatic Pallet Inverter/Exchanger


This machine is a dual clamping 180 degree pallet inverter/exchanger and is designed for use in conjunction with a counterbalanced forklift for loading and unloading.
It is used where:
1) A load has to have the pallet swapped – for example when a wooden pallet is swapped for a plastic pallet, or when a Pool pallet needs to be swapped for an in-house pallet.
2) A load needs to be inverted
3) A load has a damaged item near the bottom, which must be removed or swapped.

The machine has a hydraulic power pack activating cylinders which open and close the platens and cause the mechanism to rotate. The automatic functions are controlled by a PLC and various sensors to determine the sequence of activities. All functions can be manually performed from the touch screen on the control box when the unit is in manual mode.


The loaded pallet has the replacement pallet placed upside down on top. It is then placed with a forklift on the machine’s platen as close to the rear and side panels as possible. The forklift should reverse out of the machine zone and the operator then activates the cycle. The PLC will then take over and start to clamp the load between its platens – when load sensors are activated the clamps will stop and the turntable will begin to rotate. When the load is inverted 180 degrees, the clamps will automatically open allowing the operator to remove the load. The product is now sitting upside down on the new pallet. The old pallet can be removed.
The machine turntable can be left in this position in readiness for the next task.

The loaded pallet is placed with a forklift on the machine’s lower platen. The cycle is activated. When the load is inverted 180 degrees, the clamps will automatically open allowing the operator to remove the old pallet and replace it with a new pallet (positioning it upside down)
The cycle is again activated, which again rotates the load back to its original position. The load is now supported by the new pallet, and is sitting right way up.


The external control panel is located on a pedestal and can be positioned in any convenient location near the machine. It has a HMI screen (touch screen) and an Emergency Stop button. All machine functions are operated from the Touch Screen.



* The emergency stop will halt and hold all functions.
* 415 volt power supply is converted to 24 volt DC for all internal wiring except for the power pack motor.
* All functions can be manually overridden.
* Hydraulic and Power circuits are supplied.
* Risk assessment supplied
* The machine’s clamping is controlled and will not crush or damage product.
* The machine will stop if the Safety Curtain beams are interrupted.
* A Maintenance locking pin is installed.
* PLC program is password protected.
* Touch screen controls.
* Forklift tyne pockets for easy handling


Platen opening

  • minimum 960 mm
  • maximum 1820 mm

Load weight maximum 1.5 ton

Platen size 1.2 x 1.2 m

System pressure 2465psi /170 bar

Motor size 3 kw

Electrical connection 3 phase 415 volt/10 amp

Shipping weight 2.5 ton

Rotation 180 degrees

Finish Industrial enamel paint

Speed adjustment rotation function

Operation manual and automatic

Clamping pressure on product Nil

Oil capacity and type 25 litre Hydraulic oil ISO46

Electronics/controls Omron PLC , proximity switches and HMI touch screen



Three years on workmanship and chassis. Manufacturer’s warranty on other componentry.