Fully Automatic TANDEM Pallet Dispenser

This machine is designed for use with tandem pallet picking machines, and a counterbalanced forklift for loading. It contains a single stack of 30 pallets, and the bottom pallet of the stack is ejected forwards on the runway. The runway holds 2 pallets, but the operator can choose to take 1 or 2 pallets away at a time.

The advantage of this design is that it allows the machine to be reloaded with minimum disruption to the dispensing process. Furthermore, the 2 pallets waiting for pickup are easily visible to the operator of the pallet picker, eliminating the problem of pushing blind into a machine not knowing if both pallets are in the correct position or not, and then causing a time consuming jam up if they aren’t.

The stack of pallets is raised or lowered by 4 corner tynes. The machine has air bellows which lift or lower the stack, and air cylinders which open or close the tynes. The pallet ejection is done by driven chains with lugs which push the pallet once it is placed on the ground. The unit will dispense 2 pallets which it stores on the runway and will not reactivate until either one or both pallets are removed. All functions are controlled by a small computer or PLC.

* When in manual mode, the operator can use the switches on the control panel to open or close the tynes and raise or lower them. The raising and lowering function can be performed with or without a load in the magazine.
* The pushing chain can be operated by pushing the “INDEX” button. It will cycle through 1 pallet distance.
* The rear magazine gates can be opened in both manual and automatic modes.

The control panel has three warning lights:
1) Front Gates open – will illuminate when the runway gates are opened. This also causes the machine to stop.
2) Rear gates open – will illuminate if the rear gates to the magazine are opened.
3) Stack over 30 Pallets – will illuminate if the stack contains more than 30 pallets. Machine will stop operating, until the extra pallets are removed.

There is a beacon light mounted to the top of the machine. This is for the benefit of the forklift operator. The ORANGE light flashes when the stack gets below half way. The RED light flashes when the stack has got down to 4 pallets. At this point the machine will stop and wait for the magazine to be reloaded.

* The emergency stop will halt and hold all functions.
* 240 volt power supply is converted to 24 volt DC for all internal wiring except for the ejector chain drive motor
* All functions can be manually overridden
* Air and Power circuits are supplied
* The machine will stop if more than 30 pallets are loaded.
* The machine will stop if the Safety gates at the front of the runway are opened.